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    Black hill Challenge 2020

    in conjunction with
    Present the BLACK HILL CHALLENGE 2020

    A 10 or 16 kilometre trail run from Foxfield Oval, Maryvale Road, Athelstone,
    Through Black Hill Conservation Park to the Black Hill Summit and returning to Foxfield Oval.

    Open to competitors aged 16 years and over

    8:00 AM SUNDAY 25 OCTOBER 2020

    Proceeds in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and St John Ambulance Service
    An event supported by the
    Campbelltown City Council

    The Department of Environment and Water
    St John Ambulance
    The Athlete’s Foot - Modbury
    A delicious breakfast will be operating from 8:00 am for runners and friends

    Attachment: BHC_2020 Entry 28-07-2020.pdf

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    Melbourne Cup Lunch

    Melbourne Cup


    Rostrevor Lions Club

    Invites you to its annual

    Melbourne Cup Luncheon

    To be held on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at the

    Campbelltown Function Centre

    172 Montacute Road, Rostrevor

    (Behind the Campbelltown Council Office)

    Commencing at 10:30am (doors open at 10:00am)

    Chicken and Champagne Lunch provided

    Bring other drinks you want (including soft drinks)

    Join in

    Melbourne Cup Draw

    Chocolate Wheel Spins

    with cash prizes

    Entry by ticket only

    Limited numbers; sales close 26thOctober

    $20 per person

    (We will be selling $2 tickets for the draw)

    Call Ross Walker-Smith on 0418892428 or Robert Fletcher on 83650526 to purchase tickets

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    Black Hill Challenge 2019

    The Black Hill Challenge will be held this year on Sunday 27th October once again starting at Foxfield Oval

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  • Blackhill Challenge 2018 results male runners

    Another great event! Thanks to all whom ran on the day and especially to those helping as volunteers! Results will be published shortly. We expect to have raised around $4K for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and St John Ambulance SA.
    If anyone has any feedback to better assist our planning in the future, please don't hesitate to comment.

    Attachment: winners male 16km -10km.pdf

  • Blackhill Challenge 2018 Results Female Runners

    Another great event! Thanks to all whom ran on the day and especially to those helping as volunteers! Results will be published shortly. We expect to have raised around $4K for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and St John Ambulance SA.
    If anyone has any feedback to better assist our planning in the future, please don't hesitate to comment.

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  • Blackhill Challenge 2018

    You can also register by going direct to see link to register

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    Blackhill Challenge 2018

    The Black hill Challenge will be held this year on Sunday the 28th October 2018.
    The race will commence at Foxfield Oval Maryvale Road Athelstone

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  • Results Black Hill Challenge 2017

    Men's results 2017

    Attachment: Mens Results.pdf

  • Results Black Hill Challenge 2017

    Ladies Results for Black Hill 2017

    Attachment: Ladies results.pdf

  • BHC 2017 gpx map

    Pease use link attached for gpx map of Blackhill Challenge 2017


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    Blackhill Challenge 2017

    Updated entry form and map for Challenge 2017

    Attachment: BHC_2017_Entry4-10-2017.pdf

  • Information Session for prospective new members

    The Rostrevor Lions Club will be running an information session for prospective new membersat the Campbelltown Public Library on Thursday 1st December from 3:00 to 6:00.
    Come along to hear what Lions do in your community and sample our delicious Christmas Cake


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    2016 Blackhill Challenge Route

    Final Map of 2016 Blackhill Challenge showing Drink Stations


  • Black Hill Challenge Entry Form 2016

    Entry Form for Blackhill Challenge 2016

    Click on link below

    Entries also can be done on line with
    see previous news item

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  • Black Hill Challenge 2016

    This years Black Hill Challenge is on Sunday 30th October

    Registration through use following link to register


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  • Blackhill Challenge Results 2015

    For results follow link


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  • Blackhill Challenge 2015

    The Annual Blackhill Challenge will be held on Sunday the 25th October 2015, starting once again from Foxfiled Oval. This year as well as the Challenge we also include a 10Km run which does not include the run down Ambers Gully and up the Main Ridge Track

    View You tube video below

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  • Blackhill challenge 2014 finishing times


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  • Black Hill Challenge and Opal Nature walk 2014

    The Annual Blackhill Challenge will be held on Sunday 26th October 2014

    OPAL Family Nature Walk: Come along to this FREE family friendly nature walk along the 5th Creek Trail and enjoy a healthy breakfast after the walk. Ideal for families with children 4-10 years. For more information email

    Once again it will start at Foxfield Oval
    For Black Hll Challenge Entry form

    More details:

  • Black Hill Challenge and OPAL family Walk report 2013

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  • Blackhill Challenge Results 2013

    Given Surname ID Time
    Simon Uppill 134 1:06:43
    Michael Keyte 47 1:07:19
    Harley Vegan 239 1:09:03
    Mark Bloomfield 13 1:11:33
    Adam Zur Eich 190 1:14:22
    Andrew Flies 156 1:14:31
    Darren James 42 1:16:32
    Sean Sweetman 136 1:17:27
    Michael Slater 101 1:17:42
    Luke Nitschke 144 1:18:22
    Andrew Wiewel 5 1:18:45
    Emily Johnston 157 1:19:12
    Lisa Davis 204 1:20:35
    Pieter de Wit 125 1:20:44
    John Pesce 139 1:21:28
    Howard Norton 222 1:22:51
    Charmaine Symons 202 1:23:30
    Alex Genovese 181 1:25:06
    Lauren Gillis 78 1:25:12
    Anrew Kennedy 194 1:25:15
    Martin Wright 66 1:25:37
    Kieren Funk 235 1:25:39
    Will Kennedy 82 1:27:14
    Harry Waterhouse 166 1:27:28
    Matthew Timmins 137 1:27:45
    Clayton Colbert 138 1:27:59
    Andreas Nuryanto 228 1:28:27
    Scott Kennedy 23 1:28:30
    Matthew Barter 74 1:29:36
    Will Armstrong 97 1:30:00
    Thomas Tuffee 167 1:30:08
    Emily Brownwood 117 1:30:37
    Luke Brownwood 102 1:30:37
    Stan Mott 84 1:31:00
    Kate Savage 149 1:31:20
    Thanh Binh Dang 231 1:32:57
    Rebecca Healy 230 1:32:59
    Andrew McCracken 162 1:33:02
    Sally Pfitzner 80 1:33:03
    Robert Grove Annesley 79 1:33:18
    Tracey Fahey 146 1:33:19
    Dominic Iommazzo 178 1:33:42
    Peter Reimann 38 1:33:59
    Sonia Croft 220 1:34:11
    David Sleath 177 1:34:12
    Adam Fitzgerald 200 1:34:28
    Graham Tottey 87 1:34:33
    Brian O''Dwyer 135 1:34:48
    Ben Monro 180 1:35:01
    Jenny Casanova 145 1:35:09
    Riesje Hansen 107 1:36:07
    Ian Mark Cale 17 1:36:20
    Ian Denham 39 1:36:21
    Guy Schubert 187 1:37:02
    Paul Rugless 195 1:37:31
    Catriona Standfield 51 1:37:33
    Lindsay Martin 184 1:38:54
    Bridget Anderson 8 1:39:14
    Jonathan Miller 197 1:39:32
    Kate Furness 154 1:39:45
    Sarah Lewis 14 1:40:21
    Karina Pascoe 198 1:40:50
    Tina Nilsson 81 1:42:02
    Minh Trang 18 1:42:19
    Michael Lee 185 1:42:20
    Michelle White 89 1:42:59
    Teena Wilson 203 1:42:59
    Mark Braddon 92 1:43:34
    Geoff Warne 90 1:43:48
    Rebecca Farquhar 44 1:45:12
    Michael Goss 192 1:45:19
    Rod Martin 176 1:45:26
    Neil Percy 213 1:46:46
    Robert Caley 65 1:47:10
    Eileen Ting 112 1:47:11
    Tyson Hillyard 240 1:47:53
    Annie Braddon 21 1:50:01
    Doug Smart 209 1:50:23
    Graham James 28 1:51:44
    Stephen Meredith 172 1:52:20
    Kylie Neil 4 1:52:30
    Greg Newbold 124 1:53:11
    Mark Cunnington 226 1:53:56
    Sarah Wiegold 91 1:54:25
    Helen Egan 31 1:55:52
    Michael Grove Annesley 36 1:55:52
    Erin Hoebee 45 1:56:22
    Erin Lousberg 7 1:57:24
    Clare Stacey 155 1:57:24
    Justin Lousberg 6 1:57:24
    Glenn Badenhop 212 1:57:40
    Amanda Chisholm 61 2:00:24
    Sonya Conrad 169 2:06:25
    Katrina Hogarth 214 2:17:41
    Martin Stacey 140 2:22:48
    Belinda Wytkin 37 2:24:24
    Branko Majeric 114 2:24:24
    Ben Rocke 158 2:24:28
    Yvette Roe 104 2:24:30
    Loise Thompson 206 2:24:30
    Urszula Zalan 221 2:26:37
    Hayley Carger 67 2:26:38
    Olivia Forbes 205 2:26:39
    Kristen Cook 72 2:26:40
    Kaye Thomas 179 2:27:53
    Nathan Fraser 16 2:29:16
    Emma Overton 29 2:30:21
    Paula Van Eck 211 2:36:57
    Anna D''Alessandro 142 2:37:48
    Kylie Heath 208 2:40:41
    Rosita Victoria Scragg 218 2:46:30
    Dani Taylor 171 Unknown
    Rhys Jones DNA
    Damien O''Connor DNA

  • Opal Blackhill Family Walk

    To add interest to our Blackhill Challenge for 2013 the Lions CLub of Rostrevor has together with City of Campbelltown Opal Program organised a 4 km walk along portion of the Blackhill Challenge Track

    More details: /files/ hill opal family walk final version.pdf

  • Black Hill Challenge 2013

    The 2013 Black Hill Challenge will be held on Sunday 27th October 2013. The same course as 2012 will be used.

    More details: /files/ entry form 2013c online version lions.pdf

  • Back Hill Challenge Report 2012

    More details:

  • BlackHill Challenge Results 2012

    First Place Male Runner Rhys Jones 1:05:38
    Second Place Male Runner Mark Bloomfield 1:07:06
    Third Place Male Runner Harley Vegan 1:11:33

    First Place Female Runner Emily Johnston 1:17:45
    Second Place Female Runner Lisa Davis 1:21:00
    Third Place Female Runner Lee Sutherland 1:28:57

    Age Group Winners other than first second or third
    Male Runners
    16-25 Will Kennedy 1:28:37
    26-35 Stuart Gollan 1:17:28
    36-45 Michael Varney 1:15:27
    46-55 Gary McLean 1:19:05
    56+ Alex Genovese 1:29:28
    Female Runners
    16-25 Catriona Standfield 1:40:59
    26-35 Denise Betts 1:43:43
    36-45 Darien Feary 1:39:02
    46-55 Lindsay Martin 1:36:52
    56+ Christine Engels 1:51:45

    Finishing order and times all contestants
    Rhys Jones 1:05:38
    Mark Bloomfield 1:07:06
    Harley Vegan 1:11:33
    Michael Varney 1:15:27
    Michael Slagter 1:16:30
    Stuart Gollan 1:17:28
    Emily Johnston 1:17:45
    Gary McLean 1:19:05
    Adam Zur Eich 1:19:20
    Andrew Stephen Wiewel 1:19:36
    Steve Trutwin 1:20:19
    Clint Paterson 1:20:34
    Luke Arron Nitschke 1:20:44
    Lisa Davis 1:21:00
    Pieter de Wit 1:21:15
    Tim Swalling 1:22:19
    Martin Wright 1:22:26
    Graham Tottey 1:25:57
    John Pesce 1:25:57
    Michael Deering 1:26:09
    Tavis Kleinig 1:26:49
    Matthew Barter 1:27:45
    Andreas Nuryanto 1:28:10
    Thanh Binh Dang 1:28:19
    Will Kennedy 1:28:37
    Nicholas Kwenda 1:28:52
    Lee Sutherland 1:28:57
    Alex Genovese 1:29:28
    Howard Norton 1:31:00
    Scott Kennedy 1:31:06
    Thomas Hollitt 1:32:08
    Matthew Richmond 1:32:31
    Ben Monro 1:33:01
    Pedro Gvnson 1:33:51
    Gregory Jenkins 1:33:56
    Robert Reid 1:34:05
    John Dinan 1:34:33
    Lindsay Martin 1:36:52
    Damian Hall 1:37:37
    David Sleath 1:38:36
    Gareth Clark 1:39:00
    Darien Feary 1:39:02
    Sputnik Sputnik 1:39:02
    Doug Smart 1:39:04
    Ramy Robin 1:40:44
    Catriona Standfield 1:40:59
    David Bateman 1:41:02
    David Close 1:42:18
    Mitchel Goss 1:42:23
    Mitch Gillies 1:42:40
    Mark Pace 1:42:40
    Peter Christie 1:43:10
    Stephen Baker 1:43:25
    Denise Betts 1:43:43
    Bronwyn Young 1:44:07
    Stephen Meredith 1:44:32
    Robert Moller 1:44:41
    Ryan Bickmore 1:44:43
    John Denichcilo 1:44:43
    Stuart Elshaw 1:45:05
    Roa Martin 1:45:27
    John Glowik 1:45:53
    Graham Missen 1:46:13
    Chris Fuller 1:46:34
    Jason Sims 1:47:14
    Dean Katzer 1:47:15
    Matt Angus 1:49:38
    Scott Wilson 1:49:47
    Peter Johnson 1:50:08
    Reuben Broadfoot 1:50:25
    Liam Walter 1:50:25
    Chris Berry 1:50:45
    Christine Engels 1:51:45
    Lisa Furness 1:51:46
    Mark Cunnington 1:52:14
    Darren Forrest 1:52:23
    Grahame Adams 1:52:56
    Kevin Dinan 1:55:55
    Stephanie Davidson 2:00:34
    Wendy Neadley 2:02:53
    Amanda Chisholm 2:03:00
    Dani Taylor 2:04:46
    Miranda Crawley 2:06:20
    Anne Marie Quinn 2:09:13
    Emily Sorensen 2:14:14
    Jens Sorensen 2:14:14
    Colin Minion 2:19:20
    Roxanne Steventon 2:22:42

  • Blackhill Challenge 2012

    This years Blackhill Challenge will held on Sunday 28th October starting at Foxfield Oval Maryvale Road Athelstone starting at 8:00am full details are available in the entry form. The 2012 entry form is available below

    More details: /files/ entry form 2012c online version lions.pdf

  • 2012 Handover

    Our annual Handover Dinner will be held on Wednesday 4 July at the Rezz Hotel, 20 Hamilton Terrace, Newton (6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start).

    Although I''''ll be continuing as President, we will be inducting a new member and you''''ll be able to hear all about our club''''s activities this year.

    For the meal, the entrew ill be Penne Bolognaise, followed by an ½ alternate drop,½ of either Roast Beef served with seasonal vegetables & gravy or Flathead fillet in Tempura batter served with chips & salad. For dessert there will be Hot Apple pie served with Ice cream.

    The cost is $25 per person; there will be initial drinks on the table when you arrive.

    So we can adequately prepare for numbers, can you please confirm whether you can attend by Friday 29 June

    President Cameron Wyers
    Thanks in advance, and please don''''t hesitate to call me on 0412 816 904 or 8261 3491 (AH) or email if you have questions.

  • Blackhill Challenge Overall Winners and Medallion Recipients

    Black Hill Challenge 2011 Overall Winners
    Place Getter Males Time Females Time
    First Simon Uppill 1:08:33 Nicole Butterfield 1:17:53
    Second Dan Searle 1:09:30 Peggy MacQueen 1:18:23
    Third Matt White 1:11:07 Charmaine Symons 1:21:01
    Fourth Ben Woodd 1:11:41 Jennifer Carroll 1:28:49
    Fifth Anthony Bishop 1:12:14 Jenny Casanova 1:31:47
    Sixth Harley Vegan 1:12:54 Emma Munzberg 1:35:28

    Blackhill Challenge Medallion winners 2011
    Age Group Given Name Surname Id Time
    16-25 James Daffy 50 1:18:16
    26-35 Ryan Toolan 07 1:20:21
    36-45 Michael Slater 66 1:15:31
    46-55 Martin Wright 74 1:23:10
    56+ Harry Waterhouse 43 1:24:24
    Age Group Given Name Surname Id Time
    16-25 Lee Piantadosi 47 1:36:47
    26-35 Lee Sutherland 110 1:36:20
    36-45 Michelle White 18 1:43:23
    46-55 Kim Welcome 93 1:55:28
    56+ Jill Poulton 230 1:56:51

  • Christmas Cake Outlets

    The Club as well as selling door to door also has the following outlets
    City of Campbelltown Library Montacute Road
    Chemmart Romeos Foodland 161 St Bernard Road Rostrevor
    Feathers Hair dresser 550a Greenhill Road Hazelwood Park 5066
    Payneham Bowling Clun 402 Payneham Road Glynde
    Tranmere Meat 66 Reid Avenue Tranmere
    Faircut Butchers Marden Shopping Centre
    Campbelltown Pharmacy Near Caltex Lower North East Road Campbelltown
    Pharmacy 85 St Bernards Road Magill
    Secrets Hairdresser 163 B St Bernards Road Magill
    Campbelltown Council Office 172 Magill Road Rostrevor
    Newton Pharmacy Newton Village Shopping Centre Cnr Montacute Road and Stradbroke Road Newton

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    Blackhill Challenge 2011


    Rostrevor Lions Club''''''''s twelfth running of this tortuous course along fire-tracks of the Black Hill Conservation Park has been increased from 12.5 kms to 15 kms. This annual event was held on Sunday 30th October. Even the demanding new steep uphill section was quite achievable for the 108 runners who participated.

    A new venue, the Foxfield Oval on Maryvale Road in Athelstone became the new starting and finishing point for the twelfth running of the Black Hill Challenge.

    Simon Uppill was the clear winner of the event completing the demanding course in one hour, eight minutes and 33 seconds. Second across the line was Dan Searle who achieved 1:9:33. Third placegetter was Matty White with 1:11:7

    First woman to finish was Nicole Butterfield with 1:17:33. [Nicole had also gained first place in the female section in 2010.] Second in this section was Peggy Macqueen with 1:18:23. Third was Charmaine Symons with1:21:01.

    Major placegetters in male and female sections were presented with trophies. Cash prizes were also presented to a range of other contestants.

    Organisation of the Black Hill Challenge is a major participative event for members of the Lions Club of Rostrevor. A vital supportive role for the actual running of the event is played by members of the Four Wheel Drive Adventurers Club. Members of this club with their vehicles controlled strategic points along the route as well as supplying water to the runners. Members of the Campbelltown Chapter of St. John Ambulance provided First Aid Facilities.

    The Campbelltown City Council is a major sponsor and supporter of the Black Hill Challenge.

    The Royal Flying Doctor Service will benefit from proceeds of the event.

    Given Name Surname Time
    Simon Uppill 1:08:33
    Dan Searle 1:09:33
    Matty White 1:11:07
    Ben Woodd 1:11:41
    Anthony Bishop 1:12:14
    Harley Vegan 1:12:54
    Michael Slater 1:15:31
    James Darren 1:16:29
    Mark Rivett 1:17:00
    James Duffy 1:18:16
    Adam Zur Eich 1:19:05
    Ryan Toolan 1:20:21
    Scott Condon 1:20:57
    Clint Paterson 1:22:22
    Martin Wright 1:23:10
    Harry Waterhouse 1:24:24
    Mirco Romani 1:24:57
    Michael Deering 1:25:24
    Jens Sorensen 1:27:11
    Kim Foster 1:27:28
    Thanli Binh Dang 1:28:47
    Matthew Ielasi 1:29:19
    Alexander Strachan 1:30:22
    Stan Trzepacz 1:30:33
    Graham Tottey 1:30:40
    John Mortlock 1:30:57
    Doug Smart 1:31:13
    Rob Reid 1:31:26
    Simon Ellis-Steinborner 1:31:47
    Andreas Nuryanto 1:31:48
    Alex Genovese 1:32:52
    Mark Stevens 1:33:15
    Jeremy Steadman 1:33:25
    Matthew Richmond 1:33:56
    Marko Lahnstein 1:34:04
    Matthew Barter 1:34:38
    John Dinan 1:34:50
    David Sleath 1:35:00
    Ramy Robin 1:35:42
    Scott Kennedy 1:35:46
    Peter Proud 1:36:36
    Athelstan Mott 1:37:12
    Mark Pace 1:38:10
    Peter Christie 1:40:04
    Stephen Meredith 1:40:24
    Kevin Duffy 1:40:31
    John Glowik 1:41:17
    David Close 1:42:08
    Michael Reilly 1:42:08
    Stephen Baker 1:42:34
    Stuart James 1:42:55
    Dan Cameron Gregory 1:43:06
    Chris Whiteman 1:43:16
    Sputnik Sputnik 1:43:23
    Darryl Hill 1:46:22
    Anthony Allen 1:46:27
    Rod Martin 1:46:39
    John Denichilo 1:46:41
    Phillip Van Der Hoek 1:47:30
    Michael Goss 1:47:31
    Mick Kiley 1:49:59
    Greg Marsh 1:50:42
    Ian Baldwin 1:51:43
    Andrew Charlton 1:52:48
    Robert Moller 1:53:11
    Darren Forrest 1:53:41
    Tony Gurr 1:53:41
    Mark Chadderton 1:54:09
    Mark Cunnington 1:54:31
    Peter Johnson 1:55:48
    John Horsley 1:58:25
    Shane Chisholm 2:03:08
    Jeffrey Bird 2:08:15
    Dana William Ashford 2:36:49
    Given Name Surname Time
    Nicole Butterfield 1:17:53
    Peggy Macqueen 1:18:23
    Charmaine Symons 1:21:01
    Jennifer Carroll 1:28:49
    Jenny Casanova 1:31:47
    Emma Munzberg 1:35:28
    Lee Sutherland 1:36:20
    Amy McDonald 1:36:34
    Lee Piantadosi 1:36:47
    Bridget Anderson 1:38:03
    Zoe Duffy 1:40:32
    Stephanie Saggs 1:43:02
    Michelle White 1:43:23
    Margot Truman 1:45:22
    Kyrstan Mcleod 1:45:22
    Robyn Alcorn 1:46:43
    Nina Zeidan 1:48:46
    Tina Nilsson 1:48:58
    Sophie Holt 1:49:59
    Sirelle Mollison 1:50:12
    Sally Caston 1:51:19
    Julie Francis 1:54:35
    Kim Welcome 1:55:28
    Jill Poulton 1:56:51
    Janice Loftus 1:58:34
    Nadia Schirripa 1:59:11
    Amanda Chisholm 2:03:08
    Jessicca Pacella 2:12:44
    Wendy Janssens 2:18:22
    Emily Sorensen 2:18:23
    Coutney Monk 2:21:43
    Samantha Fagan 2:36:49

    More details:

  • New Image

    Blackhill Challenge 2011 updated start map

    Please find attached amended version of race route with more detailed start information, basically the run willl start at the goal posts at the clubroom end run across the oval to gate near boundary of park and Foxfield oval along Maryvale Road to third rail of post and rail fence of Blackhill Park across park torwards National park office across footbridge and then onto buffer zone track to Addison Road access then onto original track we have ran before

  • Black Hill Challenge 2011

    The 2011 Blackhill Challenge will be held on Sunday 30th October 2011. The Challenge will be run on a new course starting at Foxfield oval Maryvale Road Athelstone. The race will be run inb the confines of the Blackhill Conservation Park and will not run over any roads. The event will contain and extra hill climb and will be more challenging than previous years. The 2011 entry from is available below

    More details:

  • 2011 Handover and 30th Anniversary

    The Rostrevor Lions Club celebrated the 2011 Handover and 30th Anniversary on Friday 1st July at the Chinese Garden Restaurant Newton

    More details:

  • New Image

    Youth of the Year


    Pictured is Brigid O''Farrell-White from St. Ignatius College delivering her prepared speech being her final challenge, which led toward her success and selection in stage 1 of the "Youth Of The Year"competition. Three others competing, Patrick Stobie, Kerryn Dignam and Matthew Traeger are also students at the College. The event was held at St. Ignatius School on Tuesday 8th February.
    Brigid will now go on to take part in the stage of the competition, being the Region Final, which will be held at Modbury Heights on 26 February 2011.
    This year''s initiative was organised by Rostrevor Lions Youth of the Year Chairman Cameron Wyers in consultation with other club members.
    The panel of three esteemed judges was composed of, Ms Kathy Bernardi [Spokesperson for the panel],Mr Leandre Scheepers and Mr James Hugo. In assisting Lion Cameron with the presentation of prizes and certificates, Mr Hugo complimented all participants upon the very high standards presented.

  • Black Hill Challenge 2010

    The Black Hill Challenge was held on Sunday 24th October 2010 running from Thorndon Park to Black Hill and return.

    More details: /files/ 2010.pdf

  • Presidents Report 2010

    This year has seen the introduction of several new initiatives for the Lions Club of Rostrevor the first of these was the regular weekly BBQ at Mitre 10 at Glynde and the second was our involvement with Lions Biggest BBQ in April.

    I wish to thank members for getting behind the BBQ at Mitre 10 it has been a commitment that has enable us to have a public presence as well as raising well needed funds for our various Lions Projects. I wish to thank Mr. Michael Russo of Mitre 10 for his approval to hold the BBQ and also to his staff for their help and assistance. The staff members have been very good customers for us. The barbecues were held on a weekly basis from October to April on either a Saturday or Sunday from 11 to 2. If we have numbers to help, it would be good if we could run it for a bit longer say September to May, however time will tell.

    One of our biggest concerns is our ageing membership and the need to recruit new members. We have had discussions with several prospective members during our barbecues and our Christmas Cake Sales but as yet no definite signings. I am considering running an information booth at the Shopping centres in our district to see if we create some interest amongst the community to join our Club.

    Once again our major event the Black Hill Challenge was very successful considering the hot day. I wish to thank Harry Tornow and his Committee for the huge effort in once again running this event which was the 10th Anniversary. I also must thank our partners in this event being the Campbelltown Council for their financial commitment as well as approval to use Thorndon Park, the 4 wheel Drive Adventurers for their assistance in manning the drink stations and looking after the contestants in the park and St John Ambulance Campbelltown volunteers for their medical assistance.

    Once again the Christmas cake sales were successful even though the door to door sales had to be curtailed at times due to the hot weather please see Roberts report later in the Bulletin.

    This year I changed the format of our Christmas Dinner to a BBQ lunch at my place instead of having a Hotel celebration as well as a BBQ, I believe this worked well as members were able to relax and enjoy themselves.

    Once again we worked with the South Australian Road Runners Club in provides Marshals and drink stewards from which we earn income that assists our Administration Account. I thank members and their partners for there help.

    Last year in May we planted further trees in the reserve behind the Campbelltown City Council Office, the use of a boring machine made the job much easier. This area has been planted by us for many years to recognize members who have died; we have received approval from Council to update our marker recognizing these members and this new
    pole and plaque will be erected shortly.

    Once again the Melbourne Cup day was in the hands of Ross Smith and his committee and a good time was had by all even though the weather was against us I thank Harry and Veronica for making their home available again. A particular thanks to Veronica considering her health was not the best at the time; we wish her a speedy recovery.

    One of our long serving members Ray Thornton has had to resign due to ill health; I have enjoyed his laconic sense of humor during my time at Rostrevor he will be sadly missed. I wish Ray and June all the best and will be keen to involve them any of our social activities.

    On the financial side we have had a fairly good year. We have been able to maintain our Administration Account balance and raise funds in our Activities Account to assist a variety of projects

    Royal Flying Doctor Service ( Black Hill) $3,000
    St John Ambulance Campbelltown (Black Hill ) $ 250
    Lions Biggest BBQ $ 600(Club$ 350 Mitre 10 $ 250)
    Modbury South Special School(Zone Project) $ 200 (Child with Disabilities)
    Lions Drug Awareness Foundation $ 75
    Lions Eye Health $ 500
    Lions Prostate Awareness $ 500
    Lions Medical Research Foundation $ 500
    Lions Hearing Dogs $ 500
    Australian Lions Foundation $ 500
    Lions Mobility Foundation $1,000(Balance of donation)
    Operation Flinders $ 500

    Trevor Symonds
    Lions Club of Rostrevor Inc

  • Lions Club of Rostrevor Handover Dinner

    Rostrevor Lions Held the 2010-2011 handover dinner at the Rez Hotel Newton on Saturday the 26th of June2010. 29 Lions Lions Ladies Guests and visitors enjoyed a lovely 2 course meal at the revamped Rez Hotel. Trevor Symonds was installed as President to continue his Presidency from 2009-2010. The handover was conducted by PDG Bevan Treloar who was accompoanied by his wife Jill, the Mayor of the City of Campbelltown Simon Brewer and his wife Nina and John Gardner, Member for Morialta were also guests of the club. Other guest were Brenton And Deb Jones from the Tintinara Lions Club
    The president after giving his Presidents Report presented special Certtificates of Appreciation and a gift of a special pen to all members,Lions partners also received a pen in recognition of the support given by them during the year.

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    Lions Biggest BBQ

    The Lions Club of Rostrevor took part in the annual Lions Fundraiser this year on Easter Saturday 3rd April . BBQ was held at Mitre 10 at Glynde. We raised $ 350 together with a donation from Mitre 10 of $ 250 our total donation will be $ 600

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